Who is in Kindred, Tasmania?

A few month ago I was a social media virgin, but now I’ve been touched for the very first time. The hits to my CONSUMPTION: A Novel website have given me wings to fly all over the planet to locate these exotic locales. Places such as Mansfield, Massachusetts, USA – Bagenalstown, Carlow, Ireland – Amsterdam, Noord-Holland – Central District, Hong Kong, China and places in Cyprus, Italy, Russia and Ukraine. Certain places recur again and again. Tucson, Arizona comes up daily – West Des Moines, Iowa also.

But there’s one that amazes me more than all the others – Kindred, Tasmania. Kindred is a small place in the north of Tasmania, Latitude. -41.25°, Longitude. 146.2333333° I did a quick twirl on the web and can’t find the population. But Google maps reveals it as a small crossroad, nestled in a grained patchwork of paddocks, part of a series of small English-like hamlets that pepper the north west of Tasmania. I’ve never been there.

Maybe it’s someone with a wireless connection. A friend has one and she comes up as Melbourne, Australia when I know she’s in Orford Tasmania. So maybe Kindred is some station in a relay for a wireless device and the person is actually a long way from here, maybe in the lakes district.

But still my intrigue is piqued. Who is in Kindred, Tasmania? – I hope you like my writing – many greetings to you


  1. Hi there we are moving to kindred TAS from Albany WA and have brought a small farm there so the population will be increasing by 5 at least! We hope to grow many sorts of vegetables and poppies there.

    1. Well, next time I am in Tas I will have to go to Kindred, but do you have a Kindle to read in Kindred? THat’s a big move. What inspired that?

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